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How to Increase Sales at Christmas of Wholesale Handmade Jewelry

At Christmas time there's lots of local shows where you can display your handcrafted jewelry. Arts & craft shows are a great way to increase sales of your handmade jewelry. Try to book as lots of shows as feasible within your region. Driving two or three hours is usually acceptable. Keeping close to home will of coursework lower the expenses & increase the profit margin.


Labor Day has come & gone. Summer is officially over & everybody is now preparing for the upcoming holiday season. Christmas is the best time of year to sell handmade jewelry & unique gifts. It is the time for handcrafted jewelry artisans to take advantage of the season to increase sales of handmade earrings & handmade bracelets.


Shopping malls let artisans set up a jewelry kiosk to sell their handmade jewelry & unique gifts for Christmas season to sell your handmade earrings & handmade bracelets. It is always nice to book your space early to get the best location feasible. Most shopping malls have jewelry stores as permanent tenants so it is a nice suggestion to have a range of unique gift items as the management might put a limit on the amount of jewelry displayed within your kiosk.


The holidays are the best time to sell your handmade earrings & handmade bracelets. It is also great promotion for the remainder of the year as well so make positive to include your card with every purchase. Having a gift card explaining how your handmade jewelry is made adds a pleasant touch & lets the gift receiver also know about your handcrafted jewelry techniques & contact knowledge in case they need to order matching pieces later.


Another suggestion to increase sales is to buy different styles of handmade jewelry from wholesale jewelry suppliers that will complement your own handcrafted jewelry. Making stock for the busy holiday season is time consuming & stressful. Having a greater variety of handmade earrings & handmade bracelets will also increase sales as your kiosk will attract more people with varied tastes. Lots of handmade jewelry wholesalers also offer handmade gifts as well to add diversity to your kiosk display.


Do not forget to include unique gifts for men such as funds clips, western belt buckles, bolo ties & key chains. The more extensive range of unique gifts you offer, the more people you will attract to your handmade jewelry kiosk. More people equals increased sales of your handcrafted jewelry.

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