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Store Display Design Ideas

Every store needs fresh ways to display merchandise, stay competitive and keep customers interested. Adapting other store owners' ideas to fill specific display needs may trigger an avalanche of better ways to display. It is all about grabbing the customers' attention, planting ideas that are appealing and finding ways to show customers how the product fits in to their world.


Simple Display
Use chairs, tables, bookcases & side tables for display. In the Resources, take a glance at what Tiffany has completed with these simple, simple to find items. Invest in custom-made slipcovers to alter out stool upholstery as needed. Collect tabletop accessories display, solids, patterns, paper, cloth, metal mesh, laminates, flowers & to refresh each season. Shop vintage stores, online auctions & resale venues for items that are distinctive for added punch.


Special Furniture
Adding special display furniture sparks the imagination of the viewer & presents products in a brand spanking new light. Furniture designer Johanna Eliason has created a special retreat for shoes that allows each pair its own stage. The addition of gold leaf as a backdrop places further emphasis on the displayed items.


Learn from display designers, & apply their ideas to window or interior displays. The Harvey Nichols department store in London connected the inside with the outside by extending an interior window display idea to the outside marquee of the store. Using the work of wood artist Charlie Whinney, Harvey Nichols has enhanced its reputation as an innovative leader in retail display. Attention-grabbing ideas like this can incorporate the work of local artists found through arts organizations, art schools & galleries.

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