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Introduction of the exhibition cabinet -- acrylic exhibition cabinet
The manufacture of exhibition cabinet material called acrylic, and many businesses like to usethis material to create the exhibition cabinets, because this material is translucent, purecolor and appearance of smooth, long service life, In addition, the acrylicplate and aluminum plate, screen printing can be the perfect combination of looks relatively high grade, so by thefavorite of businessmen.

Exhibition cabinets made of acrylic material, there are several very prominent feature:

First, transparency is very good, I think we all know, do not explain.

Second, non-toxic, acrylic through the plexiglass of the special treatment, even with peoplelong-term exposure, but also very safe, a lot of jewelry is made with acrylic, in addition to its appearance, he is non-toxic, even burning acrylic material, the resulting gas is non-toxic.

However, the acrylic material also has its weaknesses:

, Acrylic can be dissolved in organic solvents, acrylic showcases not scrub with organic solvents, even if you want to scrub things that very dilute soapy water on it with cottonscrub.

Two, the hardness of acrylic is not very high, if a sharp object to scratch its still veryeasy.

, Acrylic high temperature, more than 80 degrees generally things best not to touch the acrylicexhibition cabinet, or deformation.

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