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Improving Your Store Image by Featuring Brands

Establish your retail brand equity that positively influences consumer behavior and make your address the preferred place to shop.

Research on purchase behavior in the US reinforces the importance of in-store marketing solutions given that the giant majority of buying decisions are made at the point of sale. As new products are released to the markets every day, creative display solutions are the key element to promote your brand. According to POPAI (Point of Purchase Association International)retail displays account for around 60% of total purchase volume made in-store.

An inviting store surroundings that includes beautiful retail display design significantly affect shoppers' perception of merchandise quality and cost level tolerance. It is proven that a pleasing shop atmosphere with a professional worker picture build customer trust and encourages visitors to stay longer, visit more regularly and buy more. This is of the most important efforts to make to establish differentiation from competitors and be sure higher margins.

Feature your giant dollar products on an eye-catching retail display

A way to improve your retail picture is to showcase well established brand products on an beautiful retail display, which significantly improves the first impression of visitors. This is the most determining aspect for shoppers to associate the general quality of your store surroundings. In other words in the event you present recognizable quality brands on a featured retail display at a dominant location, this impression will automatically spill over to your store's picture.

Brand awareness can be supported or enhanced by integrating graphics and signage to demonstrate special product information that decides whether or not customers accept to spend a higher amount for the featured merchandise. Communicate advantages or lifestyle values that makes this item special and coveted.

In the event you fail to promote your heavy dollar product on a high class retail display and provide a quality focused shopping experience, unavoidably your store will be associated with a budget mart with cheap no-name merchandise. You miss the chance to sell high margin products to potential shoppers who pick to make brand purchase from your competitor with a higher rated store picture.

Invest in a custom design solution to target your customer base
Custom retail displays are the most effective investment to make when you aim at highlighting brand products and achieving higher margins. Beautiful retail display design is crucial for every successful retail location as the general impression of your store surroundings are heavily influenced -- not only by what you sell -- but also incidentally your products are introduced. Additionally custom tailored retail display can draw attention from a targeted customer base by serving their design preferences and stand out from the competition.
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