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Exhibition cabinet lighting design
Exhibition cabinet lighting design principles: I saw the light but not light, do so in order todisplay products, if those pretty lights exposed to the eyes of the consumer, or will attract consumers attentionor make the results of the exhibition is very messy.

Exhibition cabinet lighting in the end how to design? We cite the example of a jewelryshowcase:

The location of lighting design is best placed before the top of the jewelry can allow thelight to superpose the light to a different degree of refraction and reflection.

For greater effect, the Cadogan according to the density of the light when the jewelry isplaced on a dark background, or narrow the gap between the intervals of light and jewelry, butdo not let the light is too bright, or an eye, consumers are rolling , let alone buy things, and not even look interested.

In addition, close to the use of light, it will certainly take into account the heat dissipation problem in the design of the exhibition cabinet, it is best to first take into account the heat dissipation problem, good heat dissipation device. If the heat sink design,the show is influential. Can not let the consumers pick up the view of the product when theproduct is found to be very hot.

Lighting design environmentally friendly products but also to the actual design, both to be able to adapt to the environment, but also to highlight the characteristics of the product, these things do not like the tutorial, the only constant to analyze someone else's design examples, and then constant design, and changes in the sub-fold with the practice of learning.
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