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First Impressions Are Important in Retail Store Displays
Your visual merchandising efforts are aimed at two main goals. The first is getting "passers by" to enter your store, who otherwise would not have. The other main goal is to convert customers that are browsing your store into purchasers of your products.

First impressions are lasting. Therefore, your storefront should be visually pleasing and designed to appeal to your target demographic. A key element to consider when planning your storefront is branding, which is the process of planting a memory or image of your store in customer's heads, so that they become familiar with it and easily recognize and identify with your store. Branding is primarily accomplished through use of an appealing logo, which is displayed on the exterior of your store via signage, window dressings, or welcome mats. Additionally, the use of your logo should be consistent throughout your store and all of your advertising and marketing materials. Include your logo at the point of sale, on price tags, and in other appropriate locations throughout your store. All print and web advertising and marketing efforts should make consistent use of your logo and color scheme.

Design a distinctive store logo that communicates your mission. Not only will you use this as a storefront sign, but it could also be painted or applied with special graphics film on the floor as a welcome mat or maybe on the wall behind the cashwrap. And you'll want it printed on merchandise, hangtags, and point of sale signage.

The architecture of your storefront should also be considered. What type of customer are you trying to appeal to? The architecture should reflect the tastes of this demographic. The architecture includes not only the physical architecture, but also lighting, flooring, wall coverings, ceilings, and the like.

Your storefront window display should feature some of your most popular and appealing items. Remember, you have only a few seconds to capture the attention of a potential customer. The storefront display should be colorful and eye catching. Don't try to feature all of your products in your storefront - this will be overwhelming to the customer and can create a "busy" feeling. Keep it simple, focus on major product lines with a few accents. Entice the customer into the store, then, once inside, you can showcase the rest of your product.

Keep the entryway appealing, with major product lines close to the entrance. Set up displays at eye level so they get noticed by the customer. The use of mannequins in your retail store displays can highlight what items of clothing might look like "in action".
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