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note the details, extend the showcase life
Showcases the life of long-term, on the one hand, comes from its own quality is good or bad, of course, on the other hand its natural its user's use of the many consumers in the process ofusing Showcase, and not its good protectionits natural life of long-term, then in the endconsumers in the process of using the Showcase should pay attention to what the details of it?Xiaobian Weapon you are as follows, I hope to help more consumers understand showcase how it should beto use.
Keep the the Showcases door clean, can not track debris, dust. Available wet cleaning cloth to wipe the cabinets, doors, avoid using abrasive cleaners. Track the dust with a vacuum cleaneror small brush to clean up the can, cabinet, bar, such as metal parts with dry cloth.

Should be prevented to drop heavy objects and sharp to touch the track, scratch the cabinet anddoor, cabinet Edge not touch the water and other liquid solvents, in order to avoid Edge off.

Allow more Showcase breathable or regular use of the desiccant, so as to avoid the cabinet, clothing, damp plate. Less aromatic containing the chemical composition for the wardrobe in addition to taste, because they are likely to have the clothing to cause harm.

Light rail door pulley use a long beep is normal, in order to ensure the pulley lasting smoothmute, add a little lubricant along the upper and lower pulley on a regular basis every 2-3 months.

Do not Showcase placed in the place of direct sunlight, in order to avoid the wood in the light of deformation or brittle fracture.

Must look at the handle in the use of sliding doors there is no bulge, if protruding, you should press the flat, otherwise they will damaged the side of the cabinet or handle.
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