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Portfolio Appreciation

Project Name: Algeria international cosmetics stores

Size: about 100--300 

Design Style: Fashion Personality Style of cosmetic store design

Product categories: male, female cosmetics, fragrances, skin care products, etc.

DG designer's Note for this cosmetic store design:

This brand is the leader of fashion cosmetic display, and enjoy the quality of image interpretation is fashion personality. Personality and attitude to life is what high-quality lifestyle brand advertised, which express stylish determination most vividly.

This brand adhering fashion personality design, integration of international fashion elements, with its simple, stylish, personality style, attracting the attention of global fashion-glamor individuality. Let the avant-garde trends and guide the customer's needs in order to segment the different style of fashion and avant-garde, dedicated to the hierarchical, highly diversified experience for urban women, men in dynamic personality style and temperament elegant minimalist luxury found a perfect fit between points, showing a "minimalist taste, personality and elegant" unique charm.

Not only bold colors attractive in store, but also exaggerated design techniques let people feel very gentle.

Practical and unique shape, this is the design and production prefect combination point.

Cosmetic display cabinet

cosmetic display

cosmetic store design

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