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How to Make Your Own Locking Jewelry Display Case

Select two picture outlines that are the same size. These will make the body of your showcase case. Expel the cardboard support from the edge and clean the glass completely. Taking after the directions on the container of epoxy paste. Follow the glass into the edges and permit to dry.


Once the paste has dried, place the casings on top of each another with the glass on the base and top. On the longest side of the base edge, measure 3 inches from the edge and check with your pencil. Do likewise from the other edge, then rehash on the top edge.


Presently, take your pivots and the screws that accompanied them. Most pivots require two screws each. Begin on the base edge. Utilize your drill or screwdriver to append the principal pivot, then the second. Place the other picture outline on top of the base edge. Ensure they are flush. Screw the pivots into the top casing.


Utilizing your ruler, locate the focal point of your adornments case on the edge inverse of the pivots. Mark it with your pencil. The locking box top hook will accompany a key. Utilize the way to open the lock before appending it. You will now have two pieces that make up your lock. Utilize the equipment that accompanied the lock, and append it to your casings. Ensure it will line up and hook when shut.


Presently you should make the addition for within the case. On the addition is the place you will join your gems. Take a bit of cardboard and slice it to fit inside the base of the case. You can likewise utilize the cardboard you expelled from the photo outline. Sliced your cotton batting to fit the highest point of the cardboard and paste it set up with the craft glue firearm. In the event that the batting is flimsy, you might need to append a few layers. At that point, take a length of fabric and wrap the cardboard as you would a present, with the batting side on top. Paste the fabric set up and afterward set the wrapped cardboard into the base of your jewelry show case.

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