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Clothing store decoration on to win in the details

Details determine success or failure, we will say so, but looks really notice the details of how many? If you want to shop clothing, it can be the key to the details! Today, Guangzhou DG plant just showcase your details we talk about clothing store decoration need attention.


A clothing store decoration good impact on consumers shop whether sleep a wink the edge, affecting consumers into the store, will ultimately affect the sales increase. Therefore, the clothing store decoration is especially important to pay attention to all the details of decoration shop, so to enhance the sales win on these details.


First, the clothing store shop details. To get customers into the door, choose to stay a little longer time, the door to the design should pay attention. In front of a door design is best, go out one entrance is designed to be open a little, the way to play some music, which would allow customers to stay in a clothing store a little longer time. You can then hang up at the exit of some of the more unique clothing, jewelry or clothing repair, so that customers can not only see clearly, but also easy to buy.


Second, Showcase clothing maintenance details. Because the size of the spatial pattern of each clothing store is different, so they are generally custom clothing display case. For details of the clothing display cabinets aspects should be noted that to keep the display case clean. Clothing are on display cabinet, the door to see if consumers are display cabinets covered with dust, do not go strange, so to keep the showcase health, more frequently scrub.


Third, lighting details. Because the light exposure is a direct impact on the mood of consumers and purchasing behavior. If the light is not good, consumers are difficult selection of clothes, then they will choose to leave without looking back. Therefore, in the decoration of the clothing store, they can be able to adjust the lighting design, lighting can be adjusted according to the color and brightness of clothing styles, lighting can be adjusted according to seasonal changes. In fact, the lighting control of the most important is to give the customer to create a comfortable shopping environment.

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