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Display Showcase what effect the use of paint

Showcase what effect the use of paint paint Showcase general steps are divided into the following steps: Shaving tired - sanding - primer - sanding - painting - polishing wax polished, playing three times a primer on the substrate, finish four times, once on each paint are fed barn clean constant temperature baking to display showcase its arrival results are the following:


1. landscaping. Color, brightness, texture and smoothness and the like. Showcase paint different materials were then obtained smooth and delicate, colorful appearance, played a role in landscaping, you can attract the attention of consumers, so as to promote the consumption of exhibits.


2. protection. Corrosion, waterproof, oil resistance, chemical resistance, light, temperature and the like. Showcase in wood materials or exposed to the air by oxygen, moisture and other erosion, resulting in wood decay, weathered cement and other damage phenomena. In the showcase, then added to the surface paint, similar to form a protective film that can prevent or delay the occurrence and development of destruction, so that a variety of materials to extend service life.

3. easy maintenance. Paint light showcase it easy to fade, since it is very easy to maintain, then the usual maintenance available semi-moist towel, rub yet if the blot, can use detergent, toothpaste to scrub, it is not easy to take along color, and after wiping also bright as new, I do not want to showcase matt, dirty, use a small brush to scrub, easy to clean.


Paint is a very test craft craft activities, to very complex procedure, its paint room temperature to master well, if you want to learn Showcase production details, please pay attention to the official website showcase your tripod.

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