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Jade jewelry showcase design three techniques

There are many types of jade, jade jewelry showcase designed to do when there are certain skills, then your tripod with everyone to study:


A kind of standard 1 emerald jade industry jargon that is a self-pricing, there are seven high-grade jade, which kind of glutinous rice, gold species, etc., designers face of these species. To show the different styles of design to meet the type of emerald.


Select 2 color of the material in order to present it: Emerald can be divided into yellow, green, white, purple, black, white and red flowers floating seven colors, jade jewelry counter market on the design and production are based on Emerald hue to select the appropriate material. From simple terms, flag colors chosen for jewelry showcase Another principle is simple, like a man with the same clothes generally not more than three colors.


3 exquisite jade degree within the jewelry industry is a process very demanding jewelry, because the process is finer, the better, so fine jade jewelry of course be equipped with the most exquisite jewelry counter, so as to show its exquisite, delicate and noble. Of course, this requires design and production of jewelry counter flow into the vulgar can not be sloppy, in strict accordance with the process is complete.

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