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Jewelry showcase common style structure

In the jewelry showcase design style of each structure has its own unique advantages, a style suitable for every product is different, the following for everyone to Degree Furniture showcase your tripod popularize jewelry showcase frame structure:


1 plug-Showcase: from all kinds of standard plate member, the member must be cut out of the opening, and then plug the fight group, constitute a variety of different useful showcase booth, grids, screens, planters, indicating signs. After use disassemble the plate stack stacked storage, the next can be reused.


2 special formula Showcase: This style is designed for some special exhibits designed, for example, the museum displays artifacts and some other precious exhibits in the exhibition, using materials and styles are not the same.


3 monomer composition Showcase: As the name suggests, is composed of two showcase monomer composition of monomers, or a combination of more of the above monomers together, in shape and dimensions can extend new and unique style, for example with a semicircular Showcase monomers can constitute round fight, four flower-shaped, triangle showcase.


4 telescopic Showcase: This style cabinet, can be folded by the crowd and took a pull on a screen or wall skeleton associated column type framework, a close when not on a cluster of bars, very practical.


Showcase of style options may vary depending on their own preferences and characteristics of products to choose, would like to know more information, please call the Phone +86 18122387290 .

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