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Jewelry showcase design custom Precautions

Businesses want to buy a jewelry showcase, contact the business from the beginning to the final delivery, there are some steps and some of the details to be noted that, in order to ensure that both sides can be happy with the cooperation.


(1) to find businesses, looking for design, production, installation and after-sales service company, so they seek to avoid a lot of companies, so you can save time and costs can also be discussed.


(2) design drawings and discussions confirmed. Drawing confirmed, offer to discuss the good, the next step is to link showcase proofing, proofing before drawing must be signed by the customer, businesses have to change the place in time with the designer of the reaction, changing for the better again drawing businesses signed, the two sides there are changes, we must promptly notify the other party in order to avoid inappropriate Showcase produced, and finally a lot of waste material. And to sign a contract to pay proofing fee model.


(3) customers to view samples. After the sample is completed, it is best to check clerk control drawing again, first of all feel there is no problem, and then notify the customer point of view the sample, the customer in the process may make some small improvements, then we must write it down, in large quantities when production will not go wrong.


(4) manufacturers determine delivery time. Production plant for a time, during this time to ensure that manufacturers can showcase good time, so that when in a hurry to catch the goods, the quality was not any catch.


(5) follow-up orders in this period, as feedback with customer orders progress, to reassure customers at ease. To do something, you can temporarily bring customers to the past to see the goods, but before that, you need to own the business inspection, this operation is easy to increase customer confidence.


(6) Packaging Logistics Transportation. Showcase also requires businesses to do the inspection of the factory, there is no problem after the confirmation, you can showcase packaging and transport process in some detail, and final installation and businesses have good discussions.

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