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Showcase choice is brand identity

   Into the high-end stores, everywhere gem showcase in the eyes, jewelry showcase, clothing Showcase. Watches, glasses, jewelry and other luxury goods showcase businesses in the country are everywhere, but very high-end jewelry merchants in the market rarely principles to select the jewelry showcase.


   Like wood showcase is commonly used in jewelry showcase showcase style, but also a higher price, multi-application with Chinese or European-style showcase production, often have more complex forms and carved, so showcase looks very upscale, display more suitable for gold jewelry or jade. Aluminum frame, stainless steel frame of the display cabinets, optional color is matte gold, white snow, black, white, gray and other colors as jewelry showcase.


   So we must choose the right to showcase depending on the occasion, according to the mental product and user groups to analyze, you can choose more avant-garde showcase advanced when sales of luxury goods, sales of cultural atmosphere can choose some items with classical flavor showcase, so as to play in calling a corresponding effect outside.

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