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How to design a museum showcase?

       We all know that long history, natural history heritage of our country will be a lot, a heritage museum store each represents prosperity in Chinese history of each period, but what we are going to showcase outstanding design museum artifacts characteristic? I would like to showcase design museum can consider the following factors:


1, Regional elements: This relates to the whole arrangement, size and shape of each instance showcase some are not in harmony, which is to showcase the impact of the beginning. Of course, the area also includes the elements and aspects of the display cabinet lights to show the colors and objects such harmony. Museum to showcase the museum's temperament fit. In other words, fit people to think of the museum, which is not a Thought disorder, there is a logic to follow. So will people on the museum items and all have a higher sense of identity and impressed.


2, aesthetic elements: Speaking of dishes like opening, there is a word called eye candy. So to a large extent, some of the people is followed by a one-sided experience visual enjoyment. When it comes to aesthetics inside the United States it is difficult. That is, the United States is not the same for everyone's feelings, but there are some numbers and shapes of things, is to express a kind of aesthetic ideas of humanity throughout. For example, spherical triangles than good-looking, the curve is more endowed with a sense of flexibility, as well as golden point. In contrast, relatively sharp triangles and lines, to give people a warning signal. If you fit the show's theme, the elements should reflect these aesthetics are including.


3, display elements: It's like dishes in the wobble plate, or to attract vision, some artifacts exhibit contemporary furnishings just as a stop appreciation was being appreciated. Use showcase some particularity, it can be static visual information into dynamic, so people can feel very good body intangible heritage charm.


If the jewelry showcase design takes into account the conditions described above, a museum showcase talent is endowed with a unique mission. Further work in the next Showcase, Showcase for maintenance also requires patience. Xiao Bian here briefly said about the museum showcase the plan, but this is not an easy link to all aspects of planning and themes suit. Showcase and no heritage value, but the same context, it is also reflected in a somewhat heritage value.

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