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Jewelry store design brief and effect

   Jewelry store shop how design should be a place where to begin, the effect of the decoration store what should be, how to match light, so a series of problems, we are businesses need to consider the question, how should we do it it? Here the designer showcase some of your tripod share years of experience:


   The first point we have to consider is that we want to know what we are doing products, jewelry products such as gold, diamonds, jade, or the like, after good product positioning, according to the market survey, and then positioning the product for which style, which style is the mass consumer favorite style. Here, we will popularize the style of some features:


1, Elegant style

   This style emphasizes proportions and color matching. People began to put on the wall portion of the jewelry showcase ceiling the same color, texture and a touch of wallpaper with the use of a counter. Whole style is very elegant and quiet, with no trace of impetuous.


2, fresh style

   This style emphasizes a random and often dull sex. Ethereal white and monochromatic use of the large display space out, and then placed in a variety of colors of display props, jewelry display cabinets, Showcase gold, to form a full modern minimalist interior.


3, classic style

   Luxury classic classical style most appropriate word that in the design, the designer will symbolize the various design elements of brand culture manifested, and the luxurious decoration design embedded into, for example, Stained-glass ceiling, classical-style decorative panels decorative wood moldings, etc., and substantially similar to the Baroque style combined with the presence of decorative materials as the main mode.


   Finally, Degree Furniture Tips: businesses can design according to the designer's offer, according to the characteristics of the product and then choose the right style, but there is a principle in the design had to follow regardless of the kind of style: lighting, ventilation, noise , environmental protection, afforestation etc. condition. The only way to make jewelry shop and product renewal glory.

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