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Jewellery Showcase LED lights how clever lighting problem

For jewelry display cabinets, it understood the importance of lighting effects, and good lighting effects rely on good lighting division debugging spatial orientation of beauty and personal viewing habits arrangement. The jewelry showcase LED lights how cleverly arranged it.


We know that the ideal light cloth before the top position in general is in the jewelry showcase, it is almost directly in front of the audience who, so there is an advantage, but is not overly reflective glare on jewelry products LED lighting under the lights shine.


If users deal with a cross overlapping light, it is possible to make the diamond refraction and reflection from all sides of the optical fiber, jewelry and bright aura can be rendered perfectly, so showcase your tripod is recommended when the diamond is placed on a dark background, should install an appropriate increase in the density of the illumination light or narrow the distance between the light and diamonds.


In a large mall, LED general lighting design jewelry showcase are bright enough, and even some businesses set up spotlights or fiber optic illuminated, while the tone, atmosphere with reasonable, often play an unexpected artistic effect.


Showcase your tripod to remind you that it should be possible to use the tube lamps and energy-saving lamps for diffuse lighting, indoor light harmony, and create a stable atmosphere. Also have the flexibility to use the diamond light halogen lamp, irradiation distance using its features, both to ensure the bright eye-catching jewelry counter design arts, marketing and create a comfortable atmosphere.

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