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Jewelry showcase Maintenance Cleaning

 When we visit customers when many customers will ask our customer service some maintenance showcase some tips, in fact, Ding expensive showcase with customers transition Showcase process has been pointed out that some of the considerations showcase, it is possible to sign showcase when many businesses did not pay attention to this point.


 Next in this small series for everyone to talk a little about the maintenance of attention to points Showcase:


1. Wipe Tip: When wiping jewelry showcase, we can not wipe with a rough linen or have bad quality clothes, avoid wipe the surface of the light lacquer jewelry showcase, and we use the best cotton, flannel, etc. There are good water-absorbent cloth to wipe.


2. Avoid high temperature burns: In peacetime our cups, water bottles, cigarette butts and some other hot items, we want to avoid direct contact with the showcase, high temperature burn-aliasing will showcase appearance, and even jewelry showcase surface blistering etc.


3. Do not use corrosive products to clean: Some see a stain showcase above, you will go to use some detergent ah, ah, and so soapy abrasive cleaners, in fact, in this one, showcase your tripod is recommended that you do not use the thought of these cleaners contain some corrosion on the surface of the showcase will not have a very good cleaning effect, but to showcase the surface damage.


Last remind you of your tripod Showcase: Showcase maintenance is to adhere to a daily routine of things, only a long stick, the time will showcase the use of longer, there is little that is not long-term showcase in damp, dark places, at the same time but also to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun off, where we are all attention.

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