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Select showcase custom clothing and materials

   Now the development of garment industry today, more and more companies realize clothing decorated showcase the importance of brand image promotion, then showcase what you can make with a higher showcase to show the brand image?


   1. Wood: the advantage of adjustable structure large, can make various design effects, and material prices are moderate. Made out of wood more suitable showcase a variety of complex environments,


   2, Glass: The advantage is price point of view how to select materials, glass is also good variety of points, such as tempered glass, ultra-clear tempered glass, bullet-proof glass, Poly feature is the transparent effect is very good, but also can be used with wood or stainless steels combine to form different style characteristics.


  3, stainless steel: its production of material than the average material showcase ruthless more expensive, but it also makes him not be large-scale use. But the effect of this showcase is very good, is also very strong visual impact


  4, acrylic: advantage is crisp and effect. Acrylic plate variety, rich color, and has extremely excellent overall performance, providing designers with a variety of options.


  The choice of materials in the clothing showcase production time, according to the specific circumstances Showcase production may be, the most expensive is not necessarily the best fit is the right choice. At the same time, look at today's clothing showcase production, most of them are fused with various materials, with a further breakthrough in the shape and function.

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