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Gold jade jewelry showcase lighting design

   Jewelry display different exhibits, the jewelry showcase lighting design and appearance is different, for gold jade and other high value of the exhibits, it need not be extravagant, luxury does not have to be too noisy, it will cover product characteristics, so the design simple bright gold color jade Showcase required required


   Jewelry showcase of attention in the design of lighting color, the overall style showcase, coordination and harmony, demand for high brightness light showcase, lighting is the most important, but it is not necessarily all jewelry display cabinet fashion style, elegance color it.



   For some of the larger size of the volume of jade, gems, like, need to pay attention to when designing the size and showcase, with lighting, jewelry showcase design now multi-purpose LED lights, LED lights heat small, bottom-power, high brightness. Is the most used, you can choose the color of light, preferably yellow light gold, platinum, silver, diamonds, mainly with white light, so better highlight the texture of jewelry jewelry showcase exhibits according to the type of jewelry showcase design. Selective use of light color, make jewelry showcase considerably.



    Jewelry showcase designed primarily use ceiling, two kinds of LED lamps, lights, ceiling with ceiling border in more; strip lights are used in the glass cases of the glass, the LED lights heat small, do not make the glass showcase glass to open vents, so that is more conducive to the appearance of the entire jewelry showcase.


  Showcase your tripod Tips: When selecting lighting, the best designers and discuss the good, I do not like relying on their own subjective and lead to inconsistent and product design.

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