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Difference between traditional and modern jewelry showcase production industry showcase

  In the production of jewelry showcase, jewelry showcase traditional designs are based on the production of manual labor, do not only live rough and quality can not be guaranteed, and in the work area will leave a lot of harmful gases, and are based on modern industry showcase environmentally friendly materials, and are using advanced imported equipment, the production process is not only to enhance the effect, and have greater safeguards on quality.


The difference lies in the following points:


   Time utilization: Now that a large number of factory production showcase, showcase modern production site has been transferred to the factory, and the construction site of the future production remaining a small part of the work, so it is more than the traditional artisanal timeliness than the traditional time hand shortened at least a week's time


Material utilization: It can be done almost custom jewelry showcase material utilization of 90%, while the traditional hand-made is impossible to achieve. Showcase also now customize the application of advanced production equipment, the use of advanced equipment has two advantages:


(1) high accuracy, workmanship: Showcase production is now more fluid than the previous hand-made showcase, more precise cutting on materials produced showcase is suitable for high-end jewelry, luxury products .


Quality assurance: After press off the cold cold, precision sliding table saw cutting, planing, double diamond drilling, slicing batch greasy, rendering, and finally to Shanghai painting painting, are a series of high level job.

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