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How to Design Museum showcase

  Museum showcase is to demonstrate the value of having a collection of artifacts or objects, the museum is to showcase custom exhibits demonstrate the significance of it, there are some things worth, then we need to sort out the custom design feature of this cultural relics, according to its characteristics, we this would be very good for a better showcase cultural custom.


The following to introduce several museums showcase custom style:


  1. Lift Cabinet: made of wood and stainless steel materials for the skeleton, by having a strong, above, is the use of explosion-proof glass safety glass, which would lift cabinet exhibits bring a sense of mystery.


  2. Embedded closet: is the floating plane embedded in the wall, highlight or five-sided glass wall showcase. Cupboard set in the wall inside, back cloth, geographical source, hydraulic opening, this showcase gives the feeling of having a year


  3. The top view of cabinet; cabinet including flat, sloping cabinets, cantilevered cabinet, the general height of 90 cm or more points four and five-sided glass glass, surrounded by glass display showcase for paintings, artifacts handicrafts, souvenirs and small point, five-sided glass hydraulic lift are generally open manner,


  Museum Showcases There are many styles to showcase just some of the common, while in the museum showcase customization must take into account cultural showcase for safety, such as some relics of luminosity, very sensitive to temperature, constant temperature and which is designed to be considered one aspect of this wet, security and the second is to use a glass showcase, it is to be sure to use a feature bulletproof explosion.

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