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How to Design a Kiosk in Shopping Mall?

Today more and more companies investors use mall kiosks in shopping centers and high-traffic locations and walkways to attract public attention of a specific product or promotion.Soon kiosks become the best display way to introduce the product on the market and attract the consumer’s eyes. If you are interested in creating a kiosk for your business, there are several items that should be included in the overall design of your kiosk business.

1.Choose what kind of experience you want your customers to have. General speaking,there are two types of kiosks: one that has personal attendant and the other use computer-based digital interface. Kiosk has attendant can make the experience more personal and can help attract more people,while the computer models also make the experience more interactive.

2.Analyze weather conditions.Maintenance issues are different depending on the weather conditions where your kiosk lies in. If your kiosk is an environment which will receive extremes of hot or cold weather, design around those issues. In extreme hot weather, make sure your attendant or computer has adequate ventilation. In cold climates, make sure your attendant can stay warm or your computer won’t be affected by water or moist.


3.Create a style sheet. Include what kinds of colors, images and the language you want to use on your jewelry kiosk. The colors, images and the design you use will have an influence on the response it receives from potential customers. Depending on your location, you not only need to find a way to make your kiosk become outstanding and have unique style, but also seems approachable.

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