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How to Use Store Design to Increase Retail Sales

Why Do You Need to Read This?

Does store design really have anything to do with increased sales? You bet it does! Retailers who consider their design blueprint in relation to sales are the most successful retailers. Think about it, why do most people eat at restaurants with a good ambiance and shop at attractive boutiques? It's because of their inviting and beautiful appearance.

The fundamental principle that underpins a good store design is three-fold:

1. Attract customers 
2. Entice them to enter the store 
3. Persuade them to buy.

In order to achieve the above result the store design must be focused on:

Appropriate colour and lighting scheme in collaboration with the effective use of display stands, fixtures, fittings, shelf height, aisle size etc - all need to match your target market and your product. For example in a toy store you would have brightly coloured fixtures and fittings with child-friendly shelf height in addition to display stands that are bold, attention grabbing and if possible interactive.

How to Implement Effective Store Design:

Using store design to increase store sales is possible if done strategically and structurally. Every aspect of your store design must be deliberately thought through specifically focusing on increasing sales.

Start the process by identifying your target market, understanding their buying habits and preferences in order to design a store that appeals to them.

Follow the steps below to design a store that results in increased sales:

Step 1 - Identify your target market.

Step 2 - Find out what factors influence their buying habits.

Step 3 - Focus your store design exclusively on satisfying the desires and buying habits of your target market.

Step 4 - Choose colour scheme, fixtures, fittings, display space, location of cashier desks, location of customer services desk, shelf height, depending on the findings made from your target market research.

Step 5 - Incorporate the security of your merchandise into the store design. This is the most important aspect of the store design as stores need to be designed in such a way that they design-out crime. Whether it is employee theft or shoplifting; a well designed store can effectively design out crime.

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