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How to Choose Jewelry Kiosk

Mall kiosks are a great choice for businesses that have merchandises to convey to the public, but do not want to operate their space for retail,or do not have the enough quantities of inventory that could make it worthwhile for such an expensive rental venture.To be honest,located right in the middle of high traffic locations within shopping centers, kiosks have the potential to attract a lot of customers who are starving to shop in the store, but only if your display cabinets can catch their eyes as they pass by. Selecting the right kiosk can make a different between a successful retailer that attracts customers with a wide open view of your items for sale or boost your business that due to lack of sales.Then how to impress the public with spacious and bright feelings in the manufacturing of the mall kiosk and what areas do you need to focus on while choosing the commercial kiosk.

1.Adopt the small size on the display booth design.In the small showroom,it is not advisable for you to make the booth body and the display props too large and it should be harmony with the size of the showroom.It is supposed to be on the basis of the top counter while choosing the size and make the people feel relaxed and cordial.

2.The environment of the showroom can adopt the method with combination of the panorama and the partial picture. If the showroom is too short,you can install the grille lamp in group on the ceiling and array in line or square grid,or use the track lighting to lighten up the ceiling.You also can directly use the tube fluorescence lighting to be the large area of luminous ceiling and even apply the advanced lighting technology of electroluminescence to make the whole ceiling,floor and wall look bright and clean.Besides,in the back and the bottom of the wall display cabinet can also install the tube fluorescence lighting and the neon.Only in this way the display showcase can make people feel specious and magnificent and change the original oppression.

3.The space interface and the display channel are appropriated to use the white or light color.Such colors that used in the surface of the wall or props and the dividing surface which can enlarge the specious feelings.If using the heavy colors,it will make us feel melancholy and depression.

4.In order to make the booth lighten up,you can adopt the light box structure and the K8 system eight prism exhibition standor the 3-way plug type frame structures,embedding with the white acrylic glass,and inside with the tube fluorescent lighting that make the booth look translucent and make people feel brisk and bright to project the image of the showroom and can attract the attention of the public.

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