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Tips For displaying Your Cosmetics in Special Ways

Cosmetics, such as lipstick, eye shadow and foundation, could be a huge boost to your sales dollar store, particularly if you find brand name items drastically from wholesalers who are offering closeouts and liquidations. However, you will be better served and increase your profits if you follow a few tips or advice when you carry cosmetics.


Prevent cosmetics from walking out the door by placing them in close proximity to the checkout counter. Sometimes makeup grows legs, not just jewelry, and finds herself the door with no jingle of your cash register. Cosmetics are often highly sought after item, but quite easy to hide. To avoid losing your profits to shoplifting, keeping the elements in the view of staff at the cash register is a huge deterrent.


Use tray sample and purchase some cosmetics display stand to upgrade your products. This gives the opportunity for customers to see the true display effect on the three-dimension vision that can make the cosmetics look more luxury so they will have the strong desire to buy your products.And don't forget to make some trial product for your customers and you will find it create the great experience for customers by doing this and your customers will trust buy hygienic quality of your articles.


If you post closely mirror the field, you'll find your sales increase, particularly if you sample points. They can post dot of cosmetics on their faces to see if the color matches. Provide small trash basket and Kleenex in the area for the convenience of customers.


With only carry one type of cosmetics, such as foundation, if you have the opportunity to include a wide assortment of items. You'll find that if customers know they can buy eyeliner, mascara, shadow, foundation lipstick and other items from you, they'll most likely stop in your store first before shopping for their makeup elsewhere. Like consumables and specials, usually the client leaves with much more than just cosmetic.


If you happened upon a bargain of name brands, showing not only identifying mark cosmetics area, but also some of the name brands. The sign might read, "Cosmetics: Revlon, Maybelline, Cover girl and more" or something similar. She catches the attention of the shopper and increase the likelihood of more sales.


Watch closely when you buy clearance items. Ask about the damage, used items, returns or open. Even if you manage to buy cosmetics for a item at a low price, though many of them arrive opened or used, you will not make a profit. Screening of close objects before you buy and buy from a reliable source.

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